Sustainability Elements

Employee Wellness

LAWA believes that every LAWA employee should be provided with all the resources and support necessary to enhance their skills, knowledge, and abilities in order to excel at their current positions and to reach their full potential in their respective career paths.

Performance Summary

In 2015, LAWA offered a total of 547 hours of education and training courses to employees on varied topics such as, effective communication, workplace discrimination policies, interview strategies, and more.
In 2015, a total of 1750 employees participated in the annual Health Fair & Employee Appreciation Day at LAX; 300 at ONT; and 40 at VNY.

Our Stories

LAX Wellness Fitness Program

In 2013, the Los Angeles Airport Police initiated the Wellness Fitness Program to provide LAWA employees an opportunity to be more active through weekly boot-camp style workouts. The program became very popular. In early 2016, LAWA revamped the program into the LAX Wellness Program to further elevate the well-being of LAWA employees. Since the program was launched, LAWA employees have been taking part in bike rides along the beach, lunchtime walks, Weight Watchers seminars, and monthly group hikes in the local mountains. The program is still in the early stages of implementation.

Annual Health Fair & Employee Appreciation Day

In partnership with local health care service providers and non-profit health advocacy groups, LAWA hosts an annual Health Fair & Employee Appreciation Day at each of the three airports. Employees can inquiry about various health and wellness topics, check their blood pressure, and more. LAWA is mindful of employees who work outside the normal 9-to-5 schedule and makes sure to schedule an event during day and graveyard shifts.

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