Sustainability Elements

Material Resources Management

Since 1992, waste reduction and recycling has been a daily part of operations at LAX.

LAWA works closely with airport stakeholders and City of LA departments to improve, expand, and develop recycling and waste reduction activities at LAX to meet waste diversion goals laid out in the Sustainable City pLAn for Los Angeles and achieve regulation compliance.

Performance Summary

LAX Recycled Material 2015

Note: other materials include CPUs/monitors, jet fuel/engine oil, toner cartridges, textiles, and mixed recyclables
LAWA diverted 66% of waste produced at LAX from the landfill or incinerator in 2015. Over 26,800 tons of materials were reused, recycled or source reduced at LAX in 2015, which is equivalent to the weight of 43 fully-loaded A-380 jumbo jets at takeoff.

Environmentally Preferably
Purchasing (EPP)

Since 2008, LAWA has purchased paper products such as copy paper, paper towels, toilet rolls and toilet seat covers containing 30% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) content or higher.

Los Angeles Green Business Program

Through a rigorous certification process, the Los Angeles Green Business Program recognizes local businesses who are leaders in implementing environmental practices in their day-to-day operations. Certification standards were developed by program staff with input from industry experts, utility companies, trade associations, and others. The program offers free business assistance to organizations that want to reduce their environmental footprint. In 2015, 51 LAWA divisions at LAX and VNY received the LA Green Business certification. Additionally, three LAX tenants received certifications: United Airlines Hangar #1, Hudson Group, and Border Grill.

Our Stories

Award-Winning LAX Harvest Food Donation Program

Since late 2013, LAWA has partnered with Food Donation Connection, HMS Host, and Hudson Group to collect and donate unsold, ready-to-eat food items from the Central Terminal Area to local community service organizations. In 2015, the program received the prestigious Los Angeles County Green Leadership Award for demonstrating "outstanding and innovative environmental sustainability" while benefiting homeless and low-income families and individuals. In 2015, the program donated 143,386 individual food items, which amounted to 35 tons of donations. LAWA continues to encourage other airport concessionaires to participate in the program.

Used Glasses Donation

During the month of April 2015, LAWA employees supported Lions Club, a community service organization, on its efforts to provide glasses and sunglasses to people who need them, but cannot afford them. LAWA employees donated 115 pairs of eyeglasses, 41 pairs of sunglasses and 79 cases.

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